Finally A Powerful Platform With Customizable Solutions Built Exclusively For Cannabis Businesses

tolktalk is the premier online cannabis community where the cannabis curious & connoisseur come to learn, share, rate & review and where cannabis-based businesses like yours can manage all your customer care & feedback.

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Powerful feature rich solutions that helps you run your business more effectively.

  • Get Discovered - Maximize Reach and Increase Online Traffic:

  • Maximize your online presence by putting your business in front of active cannabis consumers that are motivated & ready-to-buy
  • Customize your brand messaging
  • Drive awareness and sales by showcasing your brand on tolktalk, combined with on-platform marketing that can increase reach and exposure
claim your business on tolktalk
claim your business on tolktalk
  • Attract Highly-Motivated Customers:

  • Providing your business with more opportunity when it matters. Claim your page now and gain prominent positioning in listing your location(s) when nearby customers are looking for cannabis retail options
  • Listing your business on tolktalk goes beyond a pin on our map, it allows your business to be discovered by active cannabis consumers. Your claimed business page gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand to the audience looking for you while attracting and engaging new customers
  • Reach new customers by driving ready-to-buy consumers in your area to your claimed business page
  • Target Your Advertising:

  • Elevate your in-store and online revenue potential through targeted advertising on your claimed business page
  • Gain brand recognition by creating or sponsoring valuable content (articles, strains, reviews, videos) for the cannabis community
  • Effectively market your brand and elevate exposure with competitive and cost-effective ad rates vs. industry average
claim your business on tolktalk
claim your business on tolktalk
  • Build Trust Through Transparency - Generate Positive Customer Feedback:

  • Gain community trust and improve your online search rank through the collection of customer reviews from the tolktalk online cannabis community
  • Instantly respond privately or publicly to any customer inquiries
  • Control the way your brand is showcased by centrally managing your claimed business page on tolktalk
  • Powerful Solutions that Empower Your Cannabis Business:

  • tolktalkCX is a powerful cannabis help desk customer care solutions platform that provides seamless chain of custody, removing the complexities and technical challenges of managing your customer experience and online brand reputation. Our feature rich platform makes it easy for your business to manage the bottlenecks and complexities associated with the entire customer care process
  • Convert your website’s static contact us page into a dynamic call-center like experience. Website visitors can now connect instantly with your business from any page using our pop-up contact us button
  • tolktalkCX provides a private communications channel with direct access to consumers who rate & review your business from omni-sources
  • Power your decisions with robust analytics, customized reports and valuable data from the cannabis community
  • Access to more robust features on your tolktalkCX help desk CRM solution built specifically for the cannabis space to manage all your customer inquiries and customer care logistics
claim your business on tolktalk