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What is tolktalk?
You can find a full breakdown on our ‘About Us’ page in the footer, but to be brief: is an online cannabis community where the curious to the connoisseurs can come & learn, share, rate, review all things cannabis & where cannabis based businesses can connect with consumers & manage all customer care & feedback.
How do I create a post?
To create a post you must be logged in first. Once you're logged in, you can create a post by clicking ‘Rate and review’ found on the ‘Trending’ page, ‘Write a Review’ found on any Strain page, or ‘Start a conversation’ found on any Business or Community page. When you’re done typing, click 'Submit' and your post will now be shared to the tolktalk community to comment, like, and share your post.
How is ‘Get Resolution!’ different from ‘Just a Review’? How is it different than other review sites?
tolktalk isn’t just a soapbox or sounding board. Our goal has always been to connect companies and consumers on a level playing field to create real results. When you click select ‘Get Resolution’ and click ‘Submit’, our back-end tools are connecting you to company decision makers and making those connections, without the need for waiting on hold or balancing countless emails. We don’t just want the company to hear you, we want them to respond. That being said, Reviews are also a great way to give feedback to businesses, and reward your favorite spots for their great service! We welcome all types of feedback to keep the community strong and companies performing their best!
When will I see my post on the site?
There are few things that might affect this answer. If you are a registered user, and you don’t have any attachments, your post will go up immediately. If it is your first time posting, you will have to verify your email before we can publish anything (This helps keep our community honest and lets you know that every post on tolktalk represents a genuine experience). If you attach any images or videos, our Moderators look at your post before we publish it, this helps protect us from malicious content, and helps us make sure that your private information isn’t being posted publicly where anyone could get a hold of it. This shouldn’t take more than a day at most, so contact us if there are any issues. We also moderate if we detect potential spam You will always get a notification if we are going to look at your post, so keep your eyes open when submitting.
Who can see my post? What information is public?
The content of your posts, your display name, your profile picture, and your tolkens are all public. Anything that can be seen on your profile page. Your email, any personal information collected during registration, and any messages shared directly with businesses are all private. We work hard to protect all of your information and will only use the information we collect for communications with We take security very seriously, and want to provide you the safest resolution process possible.
How do I delete my post/account?
tolktalk is a community driven service. Posts and reviews build a basis for evaluating companies and showing off exceptional service. For this reason, any content posted on tolktalk is locked in. If we went around deleting all of our posts, we would lose the community history that helps our users make informed decisions and find faster resolution. For these reasons, we do not have a function to remove or delete posts or accounts. If you no longer wish to use tolktalk, you can unsubscribe from our emails and you will receive no further communications. If there is a situation which requires special consideration, you can reach our support team through our ‘Contact Us’ page and we will work with you to find a solution.
Why hasn’t the company responded to me yet?
At tolktalk, we like to imagine that everyone is just as excited as we are to show off excellent customer service and resolve every issue, but the truth is that sometimes the process takes longer than others. We can’t make companies come to our website, but we can offer them the tools to easily help you when they do. Try to be patient. Remember, even if the company hasn’t responded, our community can see your post. Let them turn up the pressure with comments, polls, and activity to help the process along. Our goal is to bring you together, so even if we can’t guarantee the company will respond, we can guarantee that we are always working to get you results.
What are ‘tolkens’?
tolkens is something you build over time as you interact with Logging in, posting, commenting, all solidifies your place in the community. More active users will have a higher number of tolkens on their profile, to help companies and other users weigh their experience and influence in the community. tolkens are used as a reward system for that participation. tolkens can be spent on exclusive offers and prize draws that will be posted on our site. Keep your eyes open for exciting rewards.
Why have I stopped earning more tolkens?
Every day you are capped on the number of tolkens you can receive in one day. This is dependant on the type of activities performed on the site, and the maximum number of tolkens varies for each activity. This will not prevent you from posting reviews and contributing to the community. Once the day has passed you will be able to earn points for any new reviews that you post and those tolkens will be added to your balance