Smoking Out Bipolar Disorder


The use of cannabis products for recreational purposes is becoming more and more normal throughout the world with many countries opting to legalize the plant. However, there are also those who find many benefits in using cannabis to treat or relieve symptoms of their chronic illnesses. With cannabis having a major effect on the mood and mental state of the user, there are many cases reporting how users are adding cannabis to their treatment plans for bipolar disorder, and in some cases foregoing their prescribed medications altogether due to the benefits they have experienced from the use of cannabis.

Due to the extreme mood swings that come with bipolar disorder, the patient may feel a wide range of crippling symptoms, ranging from extreme happiness to extreme sadness, or even extreme and uncontrollable anger to name a few. Being bipolar can greatly affect the everyday life of the patient. Many cases report that on top of these symptoms, the prescribed medications are only adding to the misery of the patients with all the side effects that come with these medications which can include loss of appetite, decreased sex drive, and muscle pains. This has caused many patients to turn to the use of the wide array of cannabis products that can alleviate these symptoms, be it smoking, edibles, or topical applications. There are currently many studies that show the benefits of using cannabis for bipolar disorder patients with the patients reporting the effects as “miraculous” and that they have opted to stop their prescriptions completely and sticking with the sticky as a method of coping with their reality. This not only brought them the benefit of eliminating the side effects of their medications, but also gave them a much more cost-effective alternative to make them feel like they are part of society once again.


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