A beginner's guide to edibles


This is how it usually goes:

😋You take a bite of a brownie 
⌛Half an hour goes by and you don't feel anything
🤢Then you eat the rest of it and soon realize that you've made a huge mistake.

Here's how to no green out when trying edibles for the first time and tips to have a great time overall



This part is really important if you don't want to feel like crying in the shower.

Every edible is different and dosage can be very difficult to measure. Make sure you're buying edibles from a credible dispensary. The packaging should have the dosage written on it usually in milligrams. This refers to the amount of THC in the product either individually per piece (if it's something like gummies) or a total amount (like a chocolate bar). For total amounts you'd want to figure out your minimum effective dosage (MED: least amount ingested to provide desired effect) then divide the product into equally sized pieces. For example, a beginner's dosage would be 10mg if the edible has 100mg THC, you'd want to divide it into ten parts to get ten equal doses. Since THC effects everyone differently it might take a few tries to find your MED. For beginners I'd recommend starting at 10mg.



Since edibles take a while to get the THC into your bloodstream people tend to get impatient and dose more than they should. I know because I've done this way too many times and I always hate myself for it. The best way I've found to work for me is to take one dose and wait an hour. Usually begins to kick in after 30 to 45 mins but I wait an hour just to make sure. If you still don't feel it after an hour take half a dose and wait for another 30-45mins and you should be good to go. This time varies depending on the person and what you've eaten along with how your body digests it.



After digesting THC is absorbed through the liver and can become more potent than inhaling. So dose with caution. If you think consumed more than you can handle try not to panic. You'll likely feel sluggish, nauseous and like you're dying while travelling through different dimensions. don't panic! You are not going to die. If this happens make sure you have someone keeping an eye on you. Sip on some cold water and ginger tea while keeping yourself distracted watching Netflix. It's important not to focus too much on the feeling because it will pass. Sleeping it off helps too.



Be patient! It take a while to kick in so try and have things to keep you busy as you gradually get to a sweet spot. Make sure you have some drinks and snacks prepared. Edibles will give you a serious case of cotton mouth (dryness and mucus in the mouth and throat).  Finally enjoy responsibly and have fun!

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